Upcoming Events

Our Voices of Valor CD Release events are always open to the public.

We post these events on our Facebook page and our Voices of Valor website a couple of weeks before the event. We do need to know in advance if you would like to attend, so please call our office and tell us. If you would like to be notified when CD Release events are scheduled, send us an email to info@voicesofvalor.org and we will tell you.

Please note: Until further notice, for the safety of the participants, CD Release events will be open to Voices of Valor program participants only.


Music For All Seasons presents a broad range of programs every season, in many different musical styles.


Our regular programs take place in many different types of facilities, and we hold between ten and fifteen programs in the average month. While these programs are not public events, and no tickets are sold, we want you to see our program in action and we are happy to make arrangements for members of the public to attend and participate along with the members of any facility. We do not post a list of these events.

If you are interested in attending any of our programs, please call our office at 908 322-6300 and we will make arrangements. We are required to check with our facilities a few days before MFAS programs, and generally members of the public are welcome. Nursing homes and adult day care centers are always happy to have a small number of guests at MFAS programs.

Due to the high security and concerns about confidentiality, programs held in shelters for victims of domestic violence are not open to the public.