Since its inception, this program has been a central part of Music For All Seasons’ mission.


Working with the staff of hospitals, the musicians of Music For All Seasons have become welcome additions to many units, including the Intensive Care units of some hospitals.  The musicians of MFAS are flexible and able to adapt to any hospital situation.  We have provided programs in the lobbies of hospitals and clinics, for the patients and families while waiting for treatment.  We have taken musicians into individual patient rooms, where they engage with patients for ten minutes to half an hour, depending upon the needs of the patients.  In the units where patients can be moved easily, and staff is available to help, our musicians give a program in a community room or lounge, where they can engage comfortably with a group of patients, family members, and nursing staff.

MFAS musicians are sensitive to the needs of hospitalized patients.  The musicians ask permission before going into an Intensive Care unit, and programs are conducted with joint agreement from hospital staff and the patient. An inspiring musical program helps a patient’s recovery, and many studies have shown an increase in recovery time and patient satisfaction with the facility itself. We are proud to be able to help those dealing with difficult medical issues, and to provide some relief from worrying about their condition.


Bringing musical programs to those patients facing the challenges of end-of-life issues is extremely comforting, not only to the patients, but to the families and to the staff of the hospice facility.  Music provides a link to happier family memories, assists patients in facing the challenges of the end of their lives, and creates a relaxing and comforting environment for family visits. We see smiles on the faces of hospice patients, often attending MFAS programs in a wheelchair or hospital bed.  Often they are inspired to sing along with the music, and to interact with the musicians.

Children’s Hospitals

Hospital environments can be frightening places for young patients and, most especially, for the parents of these young people.  Live music provides a soothing and real-world experience that significantly contributes to the recovery and comfort of young and older alike.  In children’s hospital settings, MFAS musicians often present their programs in a common room or playroom. MFAS musicians respect the needs of the facility.  If the children have an opportunity to play instruments, our musicians are fully compliant, and disinfect all instruments to be handled by children. These programs are interactive, with lively discussions and participation by the children.