Adults & Seniors

Adult Daycare & Nursing Homes

Music For All Seasons works with a number of Adult Day Care and Nursing Home facilities in the Tri-State area.   Our programs in Adult Day Care and Nursing Home facilities are always interactive and informative.  In many cases, small instruments or shakers are handed out for active participation in music-making.  Most programs involve question-and-answer sessions about the music, the instruments, or the composer(s).  Some programs have a sing-along component.  All programs engage those present in some way, fostering a sense of community and encouraging musical interaction.

Care For Caregivers

This program, funded through the Union County, NJ Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs, provides programs for Seniors who are caring for loved ones – parents, spouses, children. This series of programs often takes place in the home of the Caregiver, with family and friends around them. Caregivers are often providing full-time care and sometimes working outside the home as well.  This can be an exhausting and emotionally draining experience.  This series of programs gives back to those who give so much of themselves, and provides an opportunity to relax and experience live music together with friends and family in the comfort of their own homes.  The therapeutic value of these programs is incalculable, for all involved.

Homeless Adults & Families

Music For All Seasons provides programs for adults and families who are homeless in a variety of settings.  We work with emergency & transitional housing shelters, as well as low-income housing facilities.